Our Power Apps booking system helped a growing organisation develop a better smarter digital approach to resource management.


TechReach worked with an organisation that had recently undergone a period of growth and was now struggling to efficiently utilise its facilities and resources.

Meeting spaces were often occupied by ad hoc meetings when required by other staff. Company vehicles were also being taken out without prior request and their whereabouts were often unknown. A booking system for reserving resources existed in Microsoft Excel, but was failing due to the size of the organisation and was largely ignored by staff.

The result was disruption at all levels of the business, causing tension among both staff and management.


In response to the organisation’s challenges, TechReach developed a more comprehensive booking system.

As the organisation was already running Microsoft Dynamics 365, we were able to utilise a separate custom calendar module in the organisation’s CRM system for the purposes of booking resources.

The Dynamics 365 calendar was then linked to a Power Apps Portals front-end for use by all staff. Accessed from a web page (and from any device) the Power Apps Portal displays resource availability to staff from a calendar view. When staff request the use of a meeting room or vehicle, Dynamics 365 sends a custom notification to management to approve or reject the request.


The Power Apps booking system has saved the organisation a large amount of time and helped them maximise their resources.

The calendar view has helped everyone to know when meetings rooms are available and where vehicles are. This has introduced both order and accountability to these resources.

As a result of the new system, management has been able to better understand how resources are being used. In turn, this has reduced the number of ad hoc and unnecessary meetings being held and vehicle-related disruption, boosting productivity in kind.

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