Discover our approach to offshore technology development and how we achieve your goals

The TechReach difference

We help organisations deliver their ideals in a realistic way.

Most organisations would like their development teams to have infinite capacity and boundless knowledge of every technology solution. But that simply isn’t the reality.

They’d also probably like to employ world-class specialist consultants whose knowledge they could tap up for just a few intense days per month without that burning a hole in their wage budget. But again, that’s not how the world really works.

But our offshore technology development services are designed to get your organisation as close to those ideals as possible. We’re structured with UK operations and an Indian development and consultancy team. And we’re proud of this. It allows us to deliver enterprise-level services at an SME price point. For our customers, that means when their key project needs to get done, we can help achieve it on time and within affordable budgets.

India is also home to some of the best developers, and ours have been more than good enough for some of the world’s leading tech companies. So if you want world-class results – for you or your customers – but don’t have a six-figure budget for just one developer, we can offer you a more realistic solution that can make all the difference.

Our processes

Our offshore technology development and consultancy are delivered to the high standards expected by global companies. But our customer service is equally unparalleled.

This is where our UK team comes in. From initial liaison, to project management, coordinating Agile sprints and ongoing customer service, our UK team takes care of communications and you.

This means that for our European, UK and North American customers, we’re easy to work with and available to talk through their projects directly, rather than having to wait on email responses and lengthy time delays like some outsourced solution providers.

So working with TechReach, you can be sure your high-quality solution will be matched with a similarly high quality of service.

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