An expansive software framework with a wide range of uses, Microsoft .NET remains a popular tool for the development of software and applications.

Whatever your aim for .NET, TechReach’s team of developers can help you achieve it.

Uses for Microsoft .NET

With a vast library of code available,.NET applications languages sits behind a vast array of digital solutions.

Typically, TechReach will develop .NET as part of the following types of project:

  • Web applications – Business solutions for working online
  • Mobile applications –  Solutions for working smarter from devices
  • Cloud services – Tools to assist virtual setups and cloud working
  • Algorithms & machine learning – Enhancing operations using AI and BI
  • Game development – Coding for web and device-based gaming

microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET development services

Whatever your .NET requirements, TechReach’s expert developers can help meet the need:

  • Consultancy – Understanding your requirements and shaping it into a project plan
  • Programming – Meeting specific C#, F# and Visual Basic coding requirements in a project
  • Development – Comprehensive, end-to-end project development delivered to schedule and budget
  • Team augmentation – Providing additional expertise and capacity to help existing in-house teams with their projects
  • Support – Ongoing .NET software and application support


The TechReach difference

Our Microsoft .NET expertise make us the ideal development partner. Our coding expertise and professional approach to projects ensure your requirements are met on time and to budget.

As the developer of a wide range of technologies and solutions, we’ll also be able to utilise experience from other platforms in your work. So we’ll be able to tell you when .NET development is the best approach – and when it’s not.

After all, it’s about project success, not the technology used.

To discuss .NET project and development please get in touch: 

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