TechReach offers outsourced development services for Microsoft solutions and broader technologies, providing organisations fast access to software expertise and resources. Whether needed to supplement existing in-house teams or for support to meet tight deadlines, our service helps organisations achieve their goals.

Cost-effective and professional, our experienced developers will undertake your requirements efficiently and in a self-sufficient manner, allowing you to limit interaction to the level you’re comfortable with.

And with a wide range of expertise, our consultants can even advise where additional technologies may help you meet your challenges more efficiently.

Benefits of an outsourced development team

Embrace the following benefits by utilising outsourced development services:

Reliable resourcing – Using our team provides you with as much resource as you require – no more boom or bust when it comes to resources.

Independent expertise – Our developers bring with them years of experience working on projects for major organisations. Not only will they know how to achieve what you want, but they may also have ideas on how to improve the result through the application of best practice.

Customer treatment – Running your projects through our outsourced development team guarantees the fast response times and quality of service you’d expect as a customer. You set the agenda, we’ll deliver.

Flexibility – Outsourced development allows you to run projects the way you want to. Pass labour-intensive parts of your project to our team and keep the elements you want close control of in-house. Or outsource everything – it’s up to you.

Cost-effective – Utilising our offshore outsourced development team means you get all the expertise you need, for as long as you need. Remove recruitment costs and over-inflated temporary hire rates from your budget.


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Our development team works across projects spanning Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Power Platform, Azure, Apps, .NET, DevOps and more.

They’re also experts in a range of supplementary coding languages and software, making them the ideal team to have supporting your project.

To discuss your requirements in more depth, get in touch with our consultants today.

The TechReach difference

TechReach offers a stress-free service: a team you can rely on to get the job done.

Our multiskilled development team bring with them expertise in a wide range of technologies and extensive experience of industry and project best practice.

Whether your project has a clear vision or could benefit from some additional guidance, our outsourced development team can assist you to complete tasks to schedule and budget.

To discuss working with TechReach’s outsourced development team, please get in touch:

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