Discover TechReach’s outsourced CRM development services, and the benefits of using an offshore CRM software development partner.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a staple business technology, proven many times over to drive more successful sales and customer service delivery. But while CRM software development may start with these two functions, most modern CRM solutions have the potential to drive transformation in many more parts of your organisation – from finance to warehousing management.

This development requires both expertise and strategy to deliver effectively. And that’s where TechReach can be of assistance.

Outsourced CRM Development

CRM software development requires a high degree of expertise to ensure that projects are completed and deployed successfully. This expertise is not a cost most organisations will want to – or need to – be paying for all the time. So this is where an outsourced CRM development partner can achieve results.

TechReach’s outsourced CRM development service offers organisations:

  • Cost-effective development of CRM software
  • Consultancy covering process transformation and how their CRM technology can support this
  • Efficient project delivery following Agile project methodologies
  • Training and onboarding to ensure users are confident in using new CRM technology
  • Development of roadmaps for the wider adoption of CRM software within your organisation

Through these outsourced services, we drive organisations’ business transformation.

The TechReach Difference

Our consultants live and breathe CRM systems, having deployed hundreds of solutions for a wide range of organisations. Some have even worked on projects with Microsoft itself.

microsoft dynamics

As such, our CRM of choice is Microsoft Dynamics 365. But we can work with organisations to determine the right solution for their requirements. We’ve even built CRM solutions ourselves!

Beyond the technical skills required for CRM software development, our consultants are also experts in the strategy and consultancy process of running CRM projects (often a major challenge of any deployment). From determining the right stakeholder engagement, to generating user journeys and assessing how work processes can be made more efficient, we’ll ensure that you get the best results from your CRM project.

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