Far-sighted organisations have always looked to embrace digital transformation solutions. Today, artificial intelligence and a desire to improve the customer experience are accelerating the drive to transform.

But it’s a highly complex process, Which is why the great majority of companies choose to outsource at least some parts of their digital transformation.

At the heart of digital transformation process is the integration of the latest technology into all areas of a business. It involves replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital ones, or comprehensively upgrading your current technology.

But it also requires organisations to communicate changes within their organisations, building the desire for change. And this is where our digital transformation services can help organisations both from a technical and consultancy/communication standpoint.

Our digital transformation services

TechReach’s digital transformation services can provide both the technical expertise and business guidance that organisations require to support their development.

From establishing an organisation’s pain points to determining the right technology solutions, and then planning and delivering both the deployment and required internal communication, TechReach’s consultants can support you across your entire digital transformation journey.


digital transformation services


The advantages of outsourcing digital transformation to TechReach

  • You can access quality resources while reducing the pressure on your in-house staff, and ensuring other areas of your IT are not compromised. If you suddenly find yourself needing extra resources, we’re always here for you.
  • Digital transformation requires skills and experience in a wide range of technologies and domains, as well as a holistic approach. Our professionals have particular skills and experience, such as enterprise mobility, that your own people may lack.
  • Effective digital transformation is driven by data. Data scientists are in short supply and building an in-house data centre expensive. It’s far more efficient to outsource data science and have your data collected, analysed and turned into actionable insights by us.
  • Our professionals have successfully delivered digital transformation to a wide range of clients in many different sectors. We know the challenges involved and how to meet them. As well as providing peace of mind, this reduces the risk of choosing the in-house route.
  • Digitising certain assets can be risky if you rely on your in-house security protocols. We have the right security practices in place to protect you from outside security threats.
  • Our clients tell us that they typically save 40-60% by outsourcing to us rather than hiring in-house developers. Outsourcing additionally eliminates the need for expensive licences, software or hardware. You can also control costs by scaling operations up or down as required, depending on the needs of your business.

The TechReach difference

Our experienced professionals have assisted businesses of all sizes in digital transformation, and in sectors as diverse as finance, healthcare, telecoms, IT and education. All our developers have at least 10 years’ experience.

They are also expert in Microsoft technology, with some actually previously employed by the company. Microsoft offers comprehensive resources for transformation and, with our help, you can harness the power of Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Azure and other solutions as part of your successful digital transformation.

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