Achieving results faster and with guaranteed consistency are just two of the key reasons why outsourced expertise is the right path for many organisations.

Why Outsource?

We’re living in increasingly competitive times. And more than ever, technology is the differentiator. Yet the expertise and experience needed to succeed in your marketplace is neither cheap nor easy to come by.

Whether establishing a new digital transformation practice, or supporting the temporary heavy workloads of internal teams, technology outsourcing is an effective solution to reach your goal.

And it’s smarter to think globally. The expertise that organisations require exists well beyond their local markets – even software giants such as Microsoft know this.

Utilising global teams can therefore be a huge benefit. From big savings in cost and efficiency to immediate support for short-term or emergency situations, our UK and international expertise can make all the difference.

Our developers all carry 10+ years of experience. They’ve worked across enterprise-level projects in sectors as diverse as telecoms, IT, education, finance, healthcare and defence in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia.

Whoever you are and whatever your requirements they have the right background for your needs.

Why enterprises should outsource

Even the largest organisation will find that there are many occasions when IT outsourcing can make a big difference for ad-hoc or temporary requirements.

  • Short-term assistance. From key people leaving to a sudden business expansion or project, you may have an urgent gap to fill. Our experienced professionals can help 24/7/365, whether that’s taking over a project or offering staff augmentation to take on the more labour intensive elements of a project.
  • Specialist knowledge. Even if you have a large IT department, there are likely to be some tasks where your employees may lack the specialist knowledge or experience that we have to do the job in the right way.
  • Made for results. Outsourced development companies are geared towards delivering great results, on time, first time – it’s how we stay profitable! And these also just happen to be the qualities that organisations outsourcing development are look for.
  • Migration support. If you’re moving to a new database or software suite, implementation across a wide user base can be time-consuming. Our in-depth experience of technologies like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint can make the migration smoother and faster.
  • Everyday savings. By outsourcing more mundane tasks to us, you will be free to concentrate on more important activities. In addition, our clients typically report cost savings in the region of 30% when they outsource to us.

Why IT managed service providers should outsource

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), you want to be able to cover all that your clients might require, providing the support they need within their budget. However, meeting ever-evolving demands can be tough – and finding ways of enhancing your current services and exploring new product areas harder still. We can make a real difference to what you do.

  • Extending your offering. Our experts have experience in a very wide range of different technologies and service areas. By outsourcing to us, you can expand what you are able to offer your clients. From App Development and DevOps through to technologies such as Microsoft Power Platform and Azure, you’ll be able to provide so much more.
  • Advance in your market. Niche technology specialisms, such as Azure knowledge, can stand in the way of you attracting larger clients in more diverse markets. Fulfil what you lack through TechReach and start
  • Cost savings. Our clients tell us that they can typically save around 30% through technology outsourcing. Even better, they only pay for the services they need or use, making budgeting easier.
  • Efficiency gains. Free yourself up to focus on your core activities and building your business by letting us handle all the bread-and-butter tasks. You’ll also be minimising the time spent on R&D and implementation of new services.
  • Support in a crisis. Any unforeseen incident can be demanding on your resources. If it’s outside working hours, then you need the kind of 24/7/365 availability which we can offer.
  • Always covered. What happens if a key person goes on holiday or leaves unexpectedly? Or what if you suddenly need someone to fill a particular skills gap or to handle a specialist issue? We have the expertise you need, right away.

The TechReach difference

So why outsource to us?  TechReach understands both of these outsourcing challenges and has worked closely with organisations in both situations. Whether meeting internal deadlines or extending white label services to customers, we ensure we’re the one thing you’ll value most: reliable. The quality of our work will always be to a high standard. And our service will be second to none.

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