TechReach is a global technology partner. We work with organisations both in and outside of the IT and technology sector to develop smarter working solutions for business, as well as enhance the service offerings of managed service providers.

With operations split principally between the UK and India, our aim is to be the professional supplier of choice for organisations looking to disrupt – and lead – their markets of choice.

Our technology solutions

Our technology development services gravitate around (though are not exclusive to) Microsoft’s products and applications. This is where our team of expert consultants hold a wide degree of accreditation and experience.

But their expertise extends far beyond this. From apps for process simplification to holistic business devops, we provide solutions that transform the effectiveness of our partners and customers.

Who we work with

As a global technology partner, we support the ad hoc and ongoing requirements of in-house development teams at leading international organisations. Whether we’re needed for sudden projects, or purely for the convenience of managing workloads more effectively, we provide a professional and cost-effective way of fulfilling these organisations’ requirements.

TechReach also provides its expertise in the form of outsourced, white-labelled development and support services. Working with managed service providers and those in the wider IT industry, we silently assist our partners to augment their own technology and digital transformation offerings. In doing so, we help them gain access to new markets, customers and revenue streams, transforming their offerings in the process.

To start working with a global technology partner, contact TechReach today: