DevOps is where people, processes and technology meet. Its operations teams and development engineers working together from initial design through to development and onto ongoing support. By combining software development and IT operations the aim is to shorten the whole development lifecycle and provide continuous delivery. Discover more about our DevOps outsourcing and consultancy services:

How DevOps can benefit you

By adopting a DevOps approach, along with associated tools, you can achieve more, building better products and services more quickly. You’ll adapt faster to new innovations and what the competition is doing, while maintaining system stability and reliability. In the event of a cyberbreach, it can also mean quicker recovery.

Outsourcing DevOps services

Given that agility and productivity are at the heart of what DevOps is about, opting for an in-house approach is usually problematic. Building infrastructure and setting up processes from scratch takes time – and your teams are likely to have plenty of other demands on their resources.

outsource devops consultancy

It’s also not easy to adapt to thinking or working differently if your people are used to following a certain approach, or if they lack certain specialised skills.

By contrast, our professionals:

  • Are experienced in working with many different clients across a range of sectors. Flexibility, time constraints and unforeseen issues are never a problem.
  • Are focused on delivering the exact results you want, when you want them.
  • Are available as and when you need them. Plus you only pay for what you use.

From DevOps consultancy, through to development, delivery and operation, we can:

  • Design and implement expert cloud services.
  • Automate development and production environments.
  • Create disaster recovery plans and implement them if required.
  • Migrate your application infrastructure to the cloud.

The TechReach difference

As experts in Microsoft DevOps technology, we make use of key solutions such as the Microsoft Azure DevOps server, which covers the entire application lifecycle. We also leverage Power BI and other elements of the Power Platform that let you turn data into actionable insights.

In addition, we offer a full range of associated services, including DevOps consultancy, app development, software development and a helpdesk

Our skilled professionals all have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, and some have even worked directly for Microsoft. They have successfully delivered DevOps as a service across a broad range of sectors, including IT, telecoms, healthcare, education, defence and finance. So beyond technology, they also have sound knowledge of the approach and

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