From providing the vast majority of the world’s operating systems through to pioneering and powerful processes, software and applications, much of the world runs on Microsoft technology.  But with all this on offer, it can be hard for businesses to make the right choices and utilise Microsoft solutions as part of their wider digital strategy. This is why it makes sense to leverage business transformation consultancy.

The Microsoft technology experts

At TechReach, we purely specialise in Microsoft technology. This means we can assist with the planning, implementation, upgrading, migration and customisation of any Microsoft tool, as well as integration with other Microsoft or third-party solutions.

Whether you’re an enterprise looking for specialist knowledge or extra assistance, or a managed service provider wishing to expand your offerings, our consulting services are often the best place to start.

If you are considering DevOps or planning complete digital transformation, we can provide the initial scoping, together with full project management. That includes work around user personas, creating development frameworks and everything else you need to succeed.         

We will also help you to choose the right Microsoft technologies required. A brief overview of these is below.

Microsoft 365

This is the industry standard in busines applications and cloud-based productivity. It incorporates all Office 365 services plus Windows 10 Pro and the advanced security and management capabilities of the Enterprise Mobility Suite. We can help you navigate the numerous choices and identify the actionable insights that Microsoft 365 delivers.

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Microsoft Azure offers a wealth of services for businesses, including databases, virtual machines, web and mobile apps, and file storage. There are over 200 integrated cloud solutions in total – and we can point you towards the best options from what can be a daunting range.

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Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics blends enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. Our consultants can help you get a holistic view of your sales, customer service and marketing touchpoints, plus the best ways of optimising your customer interactions.

business transformation consultancy

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Power Apps

Correctly exploited, Microsoft Power Apps can reduce application cost by 74% and deliver 188% ROI over three years, according to a 2020 study by Forrester Consulting. Talk to us how about what kind of apps could bring most benefits to your organisation or to your clients.

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Microsoft’s platform for collaboration and teamworking is both wide-ranging and complex. It also offers online and on-premises versions, each with its own merits. By consulting with us first, we can help you make the right choices and maximise the benefits of this powerful tool.

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Power Platform

Talk to us to find out how you can get the most out of the elements which make up the Microsoft Power Platform. In particular, we can help you to harness the data-driven insights of Power BI to make better business decisions.

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The TechReach difference

Our experienced professionals all have 10 years or more experience in working with a broad range of Microsoft solutions – some also used to work directly for Microsoft. They have also worked in many different sectors, including IT, telecoms, healthcare, finance, defence and education.

Our services range from app development and software development to DevOps and complete digital transformation. We also offer a Dynamics and Power Platform Helpdesk

Whether you’re an enterprise looking for specialist knowledge or extra assistance, or a managed service provider wishing to expand your offerings, our consulting services are the best place to start.

Find out more now about how we can help you make the right technology choices and deliver the best results for your business –  get in touch today:

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