Azure is Microsoft’s range of over 200 integrated cloud solutions. It lets you build, run and manage applications across Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, using whatever tools and frameworks you choose. As an Azure developer, we provide a full range of support and services for these solutions, from full migration to consulting. Discover more about Azure and our outsourced and white label Azure development services.

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

Organisations choose Microsoft Azure development as it offers:

  • The most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud service provider, with 90+ compliance offerings to proactively safeguard your data and streamline compliance.
  • Multi-layered security across physical data centres, infrastructure and operations, with 3,500 cybersecurity experts working to protect your business assets and data.
  • Guaranteed privacy, with the platform adhering to some of the world’s strictest privacy standards, with data stored and secured safely.
  • Faster response for processing data and communications, together with lower infrastructure, hardware and maintenance costs.
  • Great flexibility and scalability across any level of usage and capacity – Azure is designed and proven for all sizes of business, from start-ups through to major enterprises.
  • Industry-specific features, with security and other requirements of sectors such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and government all taken into account.white label azure development services

Our Azure development services

Choose from a comprehensive range of options:

  • Web application development. Available on both Windows and Linux operating systems, our web apps will scale up as your business grows. Even if you rely on legacy applications, we can deploy native web apps into the cloud, using whatever languages and frameworks you prefer.
  • Mobile application development. Gain mobility right across your organisation as our developers make your data available to the cloud and through to all your devices without compromising security. Talk to an Azure developer about creating an independent mobile application if you prefer.
  • Azure migration. Move your current platform to Azure, securely automating the process to reduce costs and to ensure minimum downtime. A good starting point is our consultancy service, working with one of our Azure developers to choose and configure the right solutions, as well as the best subscription model.
  • Database processing. Via SQL Azure, we can migrate your database to the cloud and develop a secure app that lets you access, use and modify the data whenever and wherever you want to.
  • Integration solutions. Connecting your on-site apps with those on the cloud, creating smoother work processes and leveraging third-party services.

The TechReach difference

  • Our application development approach follows a rigorous process to ensure smoothness, effectiveness and security at all times. Initial coding development is followed by intensive testing on the Azure platform. Only after careful testing and monitoring will we go live.
  • Our experienced Azure developers are experts in Microsoft technology – some have even worked for Microsoft in the past. Their expertise is the reason that enterprises have chosen us for outsourced Azure development, and MSPs used our white-label Microsoft Azure services.
  • Our expertise encompasses the full range of Microsoft technology, including Microsoft 365, Dynamics and Power Platform. We will ensure that whatever we do integrates smoothly with any other technologies you employ, and help you fill in the gaps either in your operations or those of your customers (if we’re working in a white label capacity).

For more on choosing TechReach as your outsourced or white label Azure development service partner, please get in touch:

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