Applications are now a part of everyday lives, with a 2020 Smart Insights survey finding that 90% of mobile phone time is now devoted to using apps.

Unsurprisingly, creating business apps is one of the fastest and surest ways to achieve business growth, from native apps to the increasingly popular progressive web apps.

Whether you’re looking to outsource app development for your organisation, or provide white-label apps for your customers, TechReach is the cost-effective, reliable choice.

How customised apps can meet your workflow needs

Most standard applications are not designed to match the structure or processes of an organisation’s workflow. They also tend to be specific to certain issues, such as customer records or accounting, with little scope for anything else. Your business (or your customers’ businesses) are unique, and your applications need to be too.

Replacing old systems or introducing new ones is time-consuming and difficult if you try and do it in-house. You also need certain a broad range of skills to do it properly, which your team may not have.

By outsourcing app development to us, you’ll have scalable apps tailored to your needs and those of your customers, delivered on time and on budget.

outsourced app development

Mobile app services

Trust your project to an experienced outsource app developer.

We develop iOS and Android apps tailored to organisation’s requirements, guiding them end-to-end through the consultancy process, development cycle and providing ongoing support as necessary.

Our technology stack includes HTML 5, MySQL, JavaScript, MongoDB, Angular and more, ensuring apps are built to best practice.

And we ensure that apps look and work brilliantly, with designers and consultants focusing on UX, UI and brand.

Microsoft app services

Harnessing low-code/no-code approaches via PowerApps and Power Platform, we can develop apps with powerful capabilities transparently and swiftly:

  • Business apps from end to end. Designing and creating new apps, then testing, deploying and supporting them, plus administration and user onboarding.
  • Extending functionality for existing apps. Using the latest Microsoft technology, we can improve and extend the software infrastructure your organisation currently uses.
  • Azure Functions app development. This serverless service facilitates the running of events-triggered functions without the need to provision or manage infrastructure.
  • Data Integration. We will ensure smooth integration with multiple data connectors, including Microsoft 365 solutions like Project Online and SharePoint, plus Dynamics 365.
  • In-depth Analytics. We can link your Azure or Power Apps with Power BI analytics, part of the Power Platform

The TechReach difference

Our professionals have extensive experience in creating apps for sectors as diverse as telecoms, IT, healthcare, finance and education. All have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and are familiar with every leading Microsoft technology – in fact, some used to be employed by Microsoft.

They have the expertise and knowledge to be able to create powerful apps for you and your customers within days. And should needs extend beyond mobile apps, we can also provide custom software development.

Outsource app development to TechReach and get the results you’re looking for faster.

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