TechReach is an expert provider of Microsoft app services.

Power Apps is a suite of applications, connectors and data platforms that enables businesses to create and share business applications quickly and cost-effectively. Power Apps can be designed to benefit practically any workflow or business practice. Featuring a responsive design to run seamlessly on desktops, laptops and mobile devices alike, Power Apps are designed for use on the go.

Meanwhile, we can assist organisations with the development and hosting of Microsoft Azure apps as well.

Why choose Power Apps?

Power Apps are a next-generation work aid. Benefits include:

  • Flexibility. All applications will run on PCs, laptops, smartphones and other devices, and with the same interfaces. Power Apps are also integrated with Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft solutions.
  • Customisability. Apps can be designed to fit the specifications of any organisation, including incorporating company branding and styling.
  • Streamlined development. Everything is ready to go, with most of the hard work already taken care of behind the scenes, eliminating the need for custom coding. Standard connectors and drag-and-drop make app creation easier still.
  • Cost savings. With no custom coding, development costs are much less. According to a 2020 study by Forrester Consulting PowerApps can reduce application cost by 74% and deliver 188% ROI over three years.
  • Easier budgeting. There’s a choice of standalone plans, with options for unlimited apps at a single low price. Power Apps can also be added to Microsoft 365 licences.
  • Offline capability. An internet connection is not required for use, but once a connection starts, then app data will automatically synchronise.

Microsoft Azure Apps

We also support organisations with the development and deployment of Azure apps within Microsoft’s cloud network. Benefits include:

  • Development speed – Code can be quickly brought into the Azure framework, reducing development time
  • Scale – Grow your service as large as you need, with a high-availability of 99.5% uptime
  • Ease of migration – Move .NET apps from on-premise hosting to the cloud with ease
  • Innovation – Encompass advanced features and wider Azure cognitive and AI services into your apps


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Our Microsoft Power Apps and wider Microsoft app services

We have all you need to succeed with Power Apps and Azure apps:

  • From solutions for highly specific tasks to apps to meet broader business needs, our bespoke Power Apps solutions will meet your requirements.
  • Replacing legacy apps and designing new processes to answer your business requirements.
  • Creating custom fields and forms, including customisation for different devices.
  • All apps are rigorously tested before release, both on the desktop and remotely.
  • Once created, we will synchronise your app with your chosen data source. For extra flexibility, we can transfer this to the cloud.
  • In every case, we ensure smooth integration with Microsoft products and other leading systems, including Salesforce, ServiceNow and SAP Ariba.

The TechReach difference

Our experienced professionals are experts in app development and in wider Microsoft technology – some have actually worked directly for Microsoft in the past. Numerous enterprises and managed service providers have chosen our professionals to supply Microsoft Power Apps services.

Our expertise encompasses the full range of Microsoft technology, including Microsoft Azure, Dynamics and Power Platform. In addition, we will ensure that whatever we do integrates smoothly with any other technologies you employ.

For more information on Microsoft app services and how we can deploy Power Apps for your organisation, please get in touch:

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