Our client, a developer of wood and biomass solutions for industries worldwide, is a key player in the provision of renewable, eco-friendly products.

The company prides itself on delivering exceptional customer experiences and conducts Customer Satisfaction Interviews (CSIs) to gather valuable feedback.

However, their existing bespoke solution faced challenges in organising survey bookings, leading to rescheduling and inefficiencies.

Seeking to address this pain point, the company partnered with TechReach to develop a more streamlined and customer-centric booking system.


The existing Customer Satisfaction Interview process involved calling customers randomly to schedule surveys, leading to a lack of customer consent and potential inconveniences.

Customers had limited control over choosing a convenient survey date until the voice agents contacted them. Consequently, numerous surveys were rescheduled, causing delays and reducing the effectiveness of the feedback process.

Understanding the complexities of the current bespoke system was the initial challenge faced by our team while designing a viable solution.


TechReach collaborated closely with the client to devise a comprehensive and sophisticated booking system integrated with a Microsoft CRM solution and Power Pages.

The central component of the solution was a custom entity called “Slot.” Each voice agent could create slots based on their availability, allowing for flexible and efficient scheduling of Customer Satisfaction Interviews.

To ensure customer empowerment, a custom link was appended to the initial introduction email sent to each customer. This link directed the customers to a user-friendly webpage, created using Microsoft Power Pages, where they could view all available slots from various voice agents. By selecting a desired slot for a particular day and time, customers could secure a convenient survey appointment. The system automatically assigned the chosen slot to the respective voice agent, ensuring an organised and streamlined process.

The booking system also included several validations and logic implementations to prevent conflicts and ensure the accuracy of bookings. Moreover, the system was meticulously customised to be multilingual, catering to customers across 25 different languages.

Based on the customer’s specified language (noted in the Microsoft CRM), the booking link would display in their native language, enhancing the ease of use and inclusivity for all customers.


The implementation of the booking system yielded several positive outcomes for our client. The streamlined scheduling process significantly reduced rescheduling instances, saving time for both customers and voice agents. The enhanced customer experience and convenience of choosing survey appointments improved customer satisfaction levels.

The customizable multilingual feature also contributed to a more personalized interaction with customers, fostering a stronger connection with the brand. As a result, the company witnessed an increase in completed surveys, providing valuable insights for further improvement and growth.

The successful collaboration between the company and TechReach has streamlined the feedback process. It empowers customers to choose their survey slots.

By adding multilingual accessibility, the company demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences across all languages.

As a leading force in the renewable solutions industry, the company continues to leverage the booking system to strengthen customer relationships, enhance feedback processes, and drive further advancements in the bioeconomy.

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