Deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to transform project scheduling at an electrical infrastructure company.


The company engages in custom electrical installations across the UK, with each project relying on various sub-contractors and third parties for completion.

Remotely managing the schedules of all parties required for projects was proving increasingly time-consuming for the company’s administration staff.

As an additional complication, work was not being completed to the required specifications, resulting in subsequent teams being unable to complete their work and requiring secondary visits.

Costly project overruns were common, and so a new solution was sought to streamline scheduling processes as work demands began to scale.


TechReach identified that the project management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service could be tailored to the company’s requirements.

The Dynamics 365 module was customised to mirror the infrastructure company’s project processes. Once data was inputted into Dynamics 365 it became easy to view and report on what stage each installation project was at, with work order information displayed as graphs and custom calendars.

The next stage of the project was to decrease the reliance on administration staff for booking in contractors. A custom web form was created in Power Apps Portal and provided to the various sub-contractors.

Linked to Dynamics 365 Field Service, each new installation request automatically sends requests to the relevant team with any required information. They are then able to schedule their work via the Power Apps Portal.

The Power Apps Portal also includes a documented process of what needs to be achieved. When the work has been done, the contractor submits details and photo proofs as required.

On submission, approval is triggered in Dynamics 365 Field Service. If the administration staff member approves the work, an appointment request is triggered for the next sub-contractor to schedule in their work. The process continues until the work is complete.


Through the automation of the installation process, TechReach has helped the company radically cut down project management administration. Four people in the administration team can now manage and report on several hundred installation projects with ease.

Through improving the process for both administration staff and sub-contractors, productivity has soared. Conversely, project overrun and associated costs have been slashed.

This has resulted in significant revenue gains, with annual targets met 10 months ahead of schedule.

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