Microsoft Teams is an ideal tool for internal communications within large organisations. TechReach’s integration solution helped automate Microsoft Teams management for a service operation.


The service organisation uses Microsoft Teams as a solution for internal communications. The business has an element of field service to its work, meaning that the roster of staff working in and out of the office would change daily.

This presented difficulty to the operations team in terms of Microsoft Teams management. Teams group chats were being filled with communications that were irrelevant to the majority of staff, distracting them with notification alerts. Conversely, the size of communication groups meant that some field engineers were missing crucial information being sent to them because of wider chatter.

While the operations team attempted to create each Teams group manually each day, the process was proving time-consuming, and prone to error if schedules changed last minute.


To address the challenge, TechReach deployed and configured the Microsoft Graph API, which allows for the cross-flow of data across Microsoft 365 products.

The organisation was already utilising Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to manage the schedules of staff members. Taking schedule information held in Microsoft Dynamics 365, TechReach was able to configure Microsoft Graph to automatically modify Teams group memberships each day based on resource calendars. Members are now automatically added or removed from Teams group depending on their schedules and where they are due to be each day.


Automating Microsoft Teams management has saved the operations team significant time, boosting their productivity by removing the need to perform the time consuming task.

Groups are now more targeted based on the tasks staff are undertaking. As a result, communication has also improved across the organisation, with improved response to messages and fewer irrelevant distractions.

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