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While break/fix IT will never completely disappear, MSP businesses need to better adapt to digital transformation services to add value.

Breaking the break/fix IT cycle

We have grown accustomed to the break/fix cycle in IT.

Before the prevalence of modern IT, the break/fix model was used to repair photocopiers, fax machines and other peripherals. When a photocopier stopped working, support was called and a repair engineer came to site. There was a retainer cost for this service. And overall, the service was profitable.

With innovation has come change. IT hardware has increased lifespan, reducing the need for fix.  Systems are moving to more reliable cloud networks. And agents are delivering support remotely which is increasingly reducing the amount of time needed coming to site.

In all, this is eroding the value of traditional IT support. This means suppliers must add other value to their service to remain a relevant

Why MSPs must adapt to digital transformation

Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) are responsible for providing and supporting cloud-based infrastructure for businesses. In order to alter the break/fix cycle, MSPs need to innovate their services:

Provide a comprehensive service

MSPs should look towards growing skill development across areas such as application migration and automation. This can benefit both the company looking to adopt cloud services and an MSP, as it streamlines operations and drives efficiency across companies.

A deeper understanding of client needs

MSPs need to understand the challenges faced by businesses. An average MSP will react to problems as they happen. A good MSP anticipates problems and prevents them. But a great MSP will also anticipate growth and advise on the solutions that can alleviate any associated problems (invariably digital transformation solutions). To this end, a good understanding of clients is key to being a partner for growth – rather than just a disposable support service.

Legitimate partnerships

Part of transitioning to being a digital transformation partner is thinking long term. That means suggesting the right solution rather than making a quick sale. MSPs should to build relationships of trust, offering support and advice that justifies the technology being used in the businesses of their clients.

End-to-end solutions

MSPs should already be looking at ways to provide a comprehensive service offering for their clients. This creates an end-to-end service that’s more convenient for companies looking to adopt wider IT solutions. But to reach the top end of that service requirement, digital transformation services need to be on the menu.

Adapt to digital transformation services

It is clear that the world of IT has drastically changed over the past few decades, with cloud services and SaaS growing in popularity. It is time that MSPs adapt to this digital transformation and create a more worthwhile service offering for their clients.

Not having the expertise in-house isn’t a barrier either. TechReach offers white label development of digital transformation technologies to allow MSPs to expand their service offerings.

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