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If you’re planning on shifting your business from a manual process to automated, then there’s no better addition to Microsoft Teams than Power Apps Canvas Apps. We explain the benefits of Power Apps Canvas Apps For Team and the benefits of working with a  Power Apps Developer

What is Power Apps?

Power Apps allow you to create customised web and mobile applications with your data. Power Apps can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Why might you want to add Power Apps to Teams?

  1. Increased availability: With Power Apps, you can create various apps and integrate them into other platforms. So, your business transforms from manual to digital processes.
  2. Functions will be automated: With Power Apps, you can send data and updates to sponsors, employees, clients directly to their smart devices using push notifications. You can even report and troubleshoot even when the IT administrator is not in the office.
  3. Data integration will be more robust: Power Apps give access to commercial data from a range of sources such as OneDrive, Outlook, Excel, Dropbox, and many more. This makes it easier for employees to share relevant data from any location.
  4. Security is guaranteed: You have complete control of the applications, and they are linked to the main domain service (ADDS).
  5. Increased productivity levels: Since companies will automate more tasks, employees will become more productive. They’ll be able to get more work done as they don’t have to do jobs manually.

Potential solutions of Power Apps for Teams

Solutions are used to transport components and apps from one place to another. Power Apps offers the following unmanaged, default solutions:

  • Default Solution: This special solution is used to discover the configurations and components within your system.
  • Common Data Service Default Solution: If you want to evaluate and learn Power Apps, this solution is excellent for customising in an environment. Alternatively, allow a Power Apps developer such as TechReach to assist.

Or you could alter it to classic solutions by opening it in explorer.

If you’d like more information on Power Apps Canvas Apps or would like to arrange a demonstration of its functions, do not hesitate to get in touch with a Power Apps developer today.

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