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Microsoft’s .NET technology framework is a development ecosystem designed to support the engineering of web applications and software. Many developers favour .NET over similar platforms thanks to its user-friendly features and advanced functionality. If you’re hoping to harness the power of .NET to develop new applications for your business, we’ve put together a brief overview of the framework.

How did .NET technology start?

The.NET framework was conceived in the late 1990s to improve web development processes and bolster security operations. The first version of the framework was introduced in 2002 and used a coding language known as C#.

Originally,.NET was only available to developers using Windows-based devices and servers. Today, however, a set of tools known as .NET Core allows users to create apps on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

What coding languages can the .NET framework handle?

Many developers choose to use C# when coding with .NET. This language is object-oriented, meaning it boasts excellent functionality and can boost developer productivity. Other benefits of using C# include simplified type declarations, superior scalability support, type safety, and speedy development solutions.

However, it is worth noting that .NET technology handles a range of other programming languages including C++, VB.NET, and F#.

The .NET library

The .NET framework contains an impressive library of pre-written code samples that support all types of data structures, no matter how complex. In other words, users of .NET are free to use the hard work of other developers to get their applications off the ground quickly and easily. You will find an array of libraries for different purposes, including database access, security, and encryption.

What else will I find on the platform?

The .NET technology ecosystem contains a vast array of helpful development features, including, but not limited to:

1. Xamarin: This is an open-source platform that uses the Mono runtime to facilitate the development of Mac products and mobile applications.
2. Universal Windows Platform (UWP): The UWP facilitates the development of universal apps for Xbox, PC, tablet, Surface Hub, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
3. Common language runtime (CLR): This manages code access security, memory, and code safety.

.NET is preferred by many developers for its reliable caching system, cross-platform design, and easy maintenance options.

Outsourced .NET Developer

TechReach is an outsourced .NET developer. We can run completely outsourced .NET technology projects for organisations of all sizes.

Alternatively, our developers can be used to augment existing development teams at times when they are low on capacity or working to tight deadlines.

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