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The need to adapt and prepare for the future is a big priority in IT companies, and it is important to look for any upcoming challenges that your business might face.

Here are our top five challenges that MSPs face and how you can address them.

1) Security

One of the biggest challenges that will face MSPs is the threat of cyber attacks and security breaches. Security should be a constant priority, and as new and more complex threats arise, companies need to be prepared with adequate training and the right digital security systems in place. AI security is an exciting advancement, and if companies can offer reliable and secure services they have a definite advantage.

2) Innovation

In the digital world, innovation is everything. Being left behind simply isn’t an option so it’s vital that companies continue to trial new technologies and services. Utilising multi-platform and cloud-based services can allow businesses to offer a valuable service that can be adapted to suit their client.

3) Recruitment

Many IT leaders are concerned about the skills gap in the digital sector, with continually low numbers of graduates in computer science and electrical engineering. Apprenticeships and government initiatives are doing something to address this, but businesses can too. By offering training on the job and recruiting from a more diverse candidate pool, the skills gap can be easily remedied.

4) Data Protection

Managed service providers will be aware of just how important personal data is and how much GDPR legislation has affected IT businesses. With data breaches incurring serious fines and a loss in customer confidence to a number of major companies, it is essential that businesses prioritise data protection and educate themselves on relevant legislation.

5) Growth

As your business takes off, you may have less time for managing systems and developing new services than you would like. You may need to start outsourcing services that take up too much of your time and find more efficient ways to do business. Outsourcing can be a great way to increase the amount of services you offer and allow you to focus on your core business.

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