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Society has jumped at the opportunity to adopt new innovations into everyday life. From digitising media such as books and music to being able to connect with one another on a global scale, technology has helped forge a path forward. Our latest push forward, the Internet of Things, has given us swathes of raw data to analyse and integrate into powerful tools such as artificial intelligence.

All of these innovations, evolutions and developments are clearly necessary for our advancement, which includes factoring in sustainability.

Moving towards positive changes

We are at an important junction at the moment as society is shifting away from profit margins in a bid to create a lasting change for the better. From the global pandemic to climate change, we are facing a number of global threats that are changing our priorities to create a more sustainable way of working. We are pushing for sustainable digital transformation more than ever before.

On a global level, companies are employing digital sustainability activities such as data analytics to help meet global targets such as the Paris Climate Agreement goals. These changes are affecting business models, how companies interact with one another and are heralding new layers of institutional accountability.

Sustainable digital transformation

Organisations are looking for ways to bring their own digital and environmental goals together in a bid to encourage sustainable growth. This sustainable digital transformation looks to create strategies around sustainability and tweak business models, supply chains, working cultures and policymaking.

Companies that are pushing ahead and looking forward will be more primed to be the industry leaders of the future. Investing in sustainable digital transformation futureproofs organisations and allows them to measure their own environmental impacts and address them.

Looking forward, it is the organisations that manage to use sustainable digital transformation to guide their business that will succeed. They are the ones using technology to improve environmental awareness, engage directly with society and change their business operations for a more sustainable future.

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