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When surveying the market for an offshore technology company to help nurture systems or outsource services to, pricing and capabilities may seem the primary concerns.

However, factoring in that organisations’ culture can also be of value to establishing a strong working relationship.

Why is company culture so important?

It’s simple really. If your organisation is built on values such as flexibility, professionalism and growth then you will want to opt for a offshore technology partner with similar principles. And the partner’s commitment to these values should be as strong, if not stronger, than your own.

Not only will this ensure that you get the highest possible service level, but your employees will also benefit from working with people who are equally willing to work collaboratively.

Meanwhile, the outsourced provider will benefit from onboarding clients they care about and want to help succeed.

So, how can you judge whether an offshore technology company has a culture that aligns with your values? Here are some tips:

1. Assess the offshore technology company’s  website

The first and most obvious place to research a company’s values is the “About” section of their website. Check out their mission statement and look for distinguishing features that may set them apart from competitors.

Also, review their outsourced services. You’re looking for a partner that can go far beyond your own current internal skills so that you won’t be looking for a new partner for some time.

2. Understand the business model

In gauging the culture of an offshore technology company, try to understand how it works. Does it trade on completing ad-hoc jobs quickly, or does it look to build longer term partnerships? Either option may work for your requirements, but will likely come with differing levels of engagement.
Also consider whether their customer service (either as a direct partner or a white label provider) will meet your expectations. It’s ideal, for example, if they have representatives operating in the same or similar time zones to your operations. That way, you’re more likely to get the response you want, when you want it.

3. Engage with a representative before committing

It can be easy to make assumptions about offshore companies. So one of the best ways to ascertain a company’s culture is to take the time to talk with them. Ask a high-profile representative of the organisation how they implement certain values, encouraging them to give specific examples. This doesn’t need to be an interrogation, but try to have a friendly chat in which both parties can learn something valuable about the other.

As an offshore technology company with operations in India and the UK, TechReach is proud of our own professional internal culture and high standards of customer service.

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