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Since its launch in 2010 Azure has become a pivotal tool for businesses moving their operations onto the cloud. So its always exciting when the platform receives an upgrade. Discover more about Azure new features.

How will Azure new features benefit businesses?

Microsoft is launching new Azure features across all platforms, including its Migration and Modernisation programs. It’s set to help businesses track and project how their on-premises workloads are both performing and costing. The update works alongside previous models such as Azure API Management, Event Grid and Kubernetes Service for seamless integration.

What Are The Aims Of The Azure Update?

The latest update focuses on re-energising digital strategies by making them more productive, sustainable and secure. With many more businesses migrating to the cloud, staying on top of features is key.

Speaking about the Azure new features, general manager of Azure product marketing, Tanuj Bansal, said: “These new and expanded programs, offers, and product investments [will help] customers to accelerate their migration and modernization journey with Azure.”

What Are The New Azure Integrations?

The new update sees further integration between Azure API Management and Azure Events Grid. When a subscription is created on an API Management resource, customers can now configure API Management to publish events to Event Grid.

A set of scenario-specific cluster configurations will also be offered in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), including hardened cluster access and cost-optimised batch processing.

When Will Azure New Features Become Available?

The Microsoft Azure update will be available for general use from 1st January 2022. However, if you’re a first or third party app user, this update will be available for you to use in trial form, with the ability to share content with external users from 31st December 2021. However, it should be noted that you will still have to pay for the underlying framework.

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