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From the first example in 1997 (‘Snake’ on the Nokia 6110, as you ask), the use of mobile applications has exploded. Now spanning a diverse range of games, tools, accessories and more, the global marketplace for apps now exceeds $110bn in estimated value.  While ideas for new apps remain plentiful, the skills to develop them are still specialist. This means most organisations looking to produce apps will do so with outsourced app development. So how do you hire an app developer, and what should you look for when you do?

Creating An App Development Brief

The starting point of commissioning a unique app for your business is to decide exactly what you hope to achieve, including the genre most relevant to your product or service.

Your app development brief should also include specific business aims, particularly the reaction you hope to achieve from app users. Where possible, you should also be able to point to what’s already available and what are its strengths and weaknesses.

The more detailed the brief, the better chance of the outsourced app developer will deliver against your business goals.

And don’t be too coy about discussing app development budget. You don’t want to hire an app developer who uses your entire project budget in a week. If you’re open about funding early, many companies will find a way to accommodate you.

Check Credentials And Live Examples

Make a shortlist of strong candidate companies, based on their own ability to promote their own brand via digital marketing, as well as the style and sophistication of their portfolio of live apps. Assess these on aesthetics and creativity, but also on functionality.

Choosing an app developer with exposure to your marketplace is also useful. And if you can find app developers recommended by similar organisations to yours, it’s a big plus point.

Don’t hesitate to ask for client testimonials if you need more evidence of their app success.

Hire An App Developer You Can Build A Relationship With

Narrowing down a shortlist of effective app designer companies could then hinge on the competence and warmth of their customer service and professional approach.

To create a successful app, you need a developer willing to invest in getting to know your organisation, and its marketplace and business aims. Someone who listens, as well as being the source of creative and fresh ideas for apps.

Your app developer should be able to show you a robust plan for delivering the app on deadline. They should be prepared to offer regular reports on progress, and should operate in a way that eliminates the need for last-minute changes.

The best app developers also provide good two-way communications and accountability as standard.

And beyond app handover, find a developer who provides good after-sales service and tech support for the inevitable updates and new features required.

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