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Most entrepreneurial-minded organisations that know their customers will find it easy to spot gaps in their market. But getting services to a place where they can fulfil these gaps is another challenge. So how can you make this transition simpler? When it comes to moving into digital transformation technologies, organisations can simplify the transition with the help of an outsourcing partner. Below we outline how an outsourced software development agency can be of benefit:

  1. Outsourced software development lowers costs

The immediate appeal of outsourced software development is the cost factor. Organisations can access expertise from around the world often at a fraction of what they may pay in their home market. And rather than a permanent hire or expensive contractor, an outsourced resource is typically one that you can access as and when you need.

From a business perspective, your balance sheet will like it to. Using and paying for external resources can be treated as an operational expenditure, where a permanent hire represents a capital expenditure. Organisations looking to expand (or seek investment) will want to keep the latter as low as possible. Outsourced software development can do this.

  1. A reliable partner avoids recruitment conundrums

Other than pure cost, recruiting an inhouse developer (or even a contractor) presents other challenges. The first is a chicken-egg situation: you can’t do the work until you have the staff. But technical, specialised employees typically won’t want to move roles until you have a guaranteed pipeline of work (or at least, not without a large financial incentive). Equally if you’re new to a market and still finding your way, you may not know exactly what you need in an employee – a developer, a functional consultant, a project manager and so on. Considering that even finding one of these roles can be challenging, finding a candidate that can fulfil all of them is next to impossible. In contrast, an outsourced software development agency will typically have all of these functions available – and often at far less cost than a single fulltime resource.

  1. Outsourced software development provides instant expertise

Typically, a new staff member will take at least six months to become fully productive within your organisation – no matter how experienced they are. If you’re also trying to develop your product offering and gathering leads at the same time, this can be a very expensive six month period.  With outsourced software development, you’ll have expertise that’s ready to hit the ground running. And if there are areas of your offering that need enhancing, they’ll often be able to tell you where they are.

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  1. Organisations can explore new markets

For organisations beginning to explore a new market or area of development, an outsourced software development agency can offer additional insight and expertise – often at no extra cost. While you may fully understand how and who you intend to sell your service to, the practicalities of completing projects can trip organisations up. An outsourced software development partner can help you to avoid typical pitfalls, educating your organisation in the process.

  1. Outsourced software development provides space to focus

Any move into a new market can be challenging. It’s easy, at first, not to know where the most focus needs to be given – the sales process, the product itself, contracts, customer service and so on. Moving the responsibility of development and project management to a third party can free up the resources needed to focus on these other areas. And working with the right third-party partner will ensure that there’s a high standard of development to match the high standard of customer service your organisation is delivering.

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