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DevOps is a practice that allows software to be released reliably and at a faster rate to improve the overall efficiency of software development. The practice is popular within tech teams who want to improve their collaboration and overall performance when creating new software. Understand DevOps benefits with the below.

Boosting Collaboration

DevOps is often referred to as a collaboration practice that works by combining software development processes with IT operations. DevOps is synonymous with Agile methodology, which aims to develop solutions with multi-functional teams and collaboration. Both practices aim to shorten software development times and encourage continuous delivery whilst maintaining high-quality software.

DevOps is a process that may take some time to initiate, but the practice can be implemented easily by using Microsoft Azure DevOps, which provides services to teams for planning, collaboration and deployment of software development.

The goal of DevOps is to shorten the cycle time of software development. The practice uses continuous integration to become aware of problems in the code early in development, continuous delivery to automate the creation of newly built software, Git version control to save ‘snapshots’ of work and any edits and frequent monitoring of running software to collect data and improve future strategies. Each system involved with DevOps aims to make software development more reliable and efficient.

What Are The Benefits of DevOps?

There are many potential benefits for your organisation by adopting a DevOps approach.

  • Risk mitigation: The continuous monitoring that is involved in the practice reduces the risk of disruption that could be caused by software development errors.
  • Innovation: Encourages collaboration from all corners of your tech team which will result in innovative and effective ideas. Innovation will help your organisation to keep up in the ever-changing world of software. Companies need to adapt to the evolving needs of their customers and need to keep up with the competition.
  • Velocity: As different areas of your team will be working together, ideas from all ends of the development process will be pooled together which will lead to a higher volume of new software being created. Collaboration also means that ideas will be continuous and work will be produced at a much faster rate.

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