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Azure is Microsoft’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution – a cloud platform that supports in excess of 200 products and services. With such a breadth of application – and with the Microsoft name behind it – Azure has been rising in prominence as a solution. So what are the benefits of Azure?

Breadth Of IaaS Cloud Solutions

It’s fair to say that when it came to the evolution of IaaS, Microsoft was behind the curve compared to platforms such as Amazon. But in recent years its very much caught up. Azure solutions now cover web application development, website hosting, cloud storage, database hosting, mobile applications, DevOps and much more. So by aligning itself to Azure, an organisation can easily expand the breadth of its cloud services and move into other requirements in the future.


Azure is a platform that understands that the needs of organisations change – not only month-to-month but also day-to-day. Therefore, the platform supports more elastic operations, supporting extra demand as required. So if you know that your storage will need to increase for a time, or that there’s going to be significant extra traffic on your website, you can ensure Azure is ready to handle it.


A key benefit of Azure as a platform is its ‘pay as you go’ model. This allows organisations to set their own requirements and budgets, then choose the optional add-ons they require. This makes it popular with organisations as it allows them to control their budget. It’s also better for balance sheets: monthly billing can be treated as an operational expenditure (OPEX) rather than the capital expenditure (CapEx) required when investing in in-house IT hosting infrastructure.


For an organisation, any kind of interruption can be costly. So Azure is geared towards ensuring business continuity. As well as having a high level of uptime, Azure is a forward-thinking platform that allows organisations to prepare for eventualities such as data losses. Plus as a cloud solution, Azure is always secure and up-to-date, ensuring that organisations always have the best experience.

Security & Compliance

Azure is also a popular platform as it carries Microsoft’s world-class security protection. Of many security measures, Identity and Access Management services (IAM) add layers of protection for resources, requiring authentication processes to prevent unauthorised access. Azure also uses AI-powered technology to identify threats early, ensuring your data is protected from malware and viruses.

Discover The Benefits of Azure For Your Organisation

Microsoft Azure is a highly flexible solution with a wide range of functional applications. Scalable and secure, it can enhance operations and provide a route to digital transformation.

TechReach is an expert in Azure solutions. We can provide organisations with consultancy on how best to adopt Azure solutions. We can then assist with their development and configuration, and ongoing support as required.

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