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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is packed with tools that can be used to benefit organisations, offering a range of insights and analytics that can be implemented to boost your effectiveness. Getting Dynamics 365 configured to your exact specifications however can prove expensive. This is where offshore Dynamics development can be of benefit in getting professional results for less:

Offshore Dynamics development: The cost-effective approach

Looking internationally for a Microsoft Dynamics developer can be far more cost-effective than relying exclusively on local market developers. Global wages vary with the average cost of living, so you can use this to your advantage.

Access a wider talent pool

Tied in to the above point on costs, organisations may actually be placing an artificial barrier on themselves by only looking at local market providers. Development talent can come from anywhere in the world; some of these markets just happen to operate at lower costs. And Microsoft themselves do much of their own R&D in the Asia Pacific region for the wealth of talent available here. If you’re working to a budget (and few organisations aren’t), you’re likely to get more high quality experts for your budget utilising offshore Dynamics development than you would from a local market supplier.

Working time benefits

When deploying a Dynamics 365 solution, you want to ensure you introduce the minimum possible disruption to your operations in the process. Using global developers means work can be completed outside of your working hours, meaning its ready to assess when you’re back in the office. And if (like TechReach) the offshore Dynamics development organisation works on multiple time zones, work can be potentially completed even faster.


Organisations should also consider the business model of an offshore Dynamics developers as a reason to choose one. Offshore developers aim to get the job done to a high standard on the first attempt – having to redo tasks or make changes adds time to projects that can eat into profit margins or delay other customers’ work. A good offshore Dynamics developer will therefore be adept at taking an effective brief, producing high-quality work and delivering to project time frames – all with excellent customer service thrown in.

If you’re considering utilising offshore Microsoft Dynamics development within your organisation get in touch with TechReach. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and let you know more about our Microsoft dynamics development approach:

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